Free Compost Bucket Liner

I know that they sell biodegradable bags for compost buckets.  I could just never wrap my mind around buying them.  I mean, why spend money on a bag....just rinse out the bucket when you're done.  Its free that way.  And that is what we've been doing for years.  But, I may have changed my tune.

Well, as it turns out, while I certainly don't need a liner I do quite enjoy having one for my compost bucket--mainly because I don't have to snap twigs off the lilac bush to use when trying to coax some slimy bit off the bottom of the can anymore.  But, even better, I didn't have to spend any extra money to get that little convenience... which is the only way such a convenience would happen at my house.

Here is how:

I got the idea from the Root Simple folks.  As I recall Mr. Root Simple had a revelation about using his old newspaper for lining the bottom of his compost bucket instead of just recycling it.   I thought that it was a pretty clever idea, but since I don't have a newspaper at my house that part wouldn't work for me.  But, I did have a growing collection of small brown paper sacks with handles under my sink that might just do the trick!

See, one of our local health food stores bags up potatoes, onions, etc that are getting a little past their prime into these papers sacks to be sold at discount.  Matt and I frequently hit them up as usually the food looks a-okay and it is much cheaper.  But, the bags aren't really a very useful size once I get them home.  They are pretty small.  Just perfect for sitting inside my compost bucket it turns out!
Of course, its advisable to remove the price tag sticker before composting.  Plastic stickers don't compost well, after all.


  1. Perfect! Because the paper will be actually good for the compost too :0)

  2. Hi Beth! Yay, you're back :) Missed you.

    This is such a smart idea. We still get those grocery store ads printed on newspaper in the mailbox, so I shred those up for the compost. But I know exactly what you mean by having to find a nearby stick to scrape the bottom of the bucket!


  3. oh I LOVE this intersection of utility and frugality! Very cool. (I always scrape out my bucket with a twig and swish it out with some water - ewwww).

  4. Ember, we've put paper into the pile in the past, but this will be a more regular contribution in smaller doses. I hope it should work well.

    Jamie, aw, thanks! You know, we occasionally get those ads too so that might work after all! One thought though. Ours seem mostly of the high-gloss variety, not newsprint. Do you think that would matter? More inks? More colors? Hmmm....

    Thanks Margo! It was one of those "Why didn't I figure this out sooner!" moments. The twig does this trick, but this is much nicer!

  5. Beth, I'm so glad you were able to get out and enjoy some "nature time". You live in such a lovely area. It often reminds me of New Mexico, where I grew up.
    We might be going to Billings on the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. It depends on whether or not my step-mom in Livingston is ready for company. She has recently lost her sister, which involved some out of state trips, and she is completely exhausted.
    David wants to drive to Billings to spend some time at Cabelas (not that we have much money to spend there). I'm not the best shopper, so I hope they have a snack bar or something so Jonny and I can give David the time he wants to look at everything (and I do mean everything).
    I hope your Christmas was great and that your new year will be blessed........Denise

  6. Hi Beth, yeah I actually only use the newsprint ones for compost, since I'm wary of the glossy ones too!


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