Rainbow Clouds

 And while I was out kite flying yesterday, on a crazy gorgeous January day, I saw something truly incredible.
Josh pointed off into the distance and said something like "Check that out."  When I looked out toward the horizon I was stunned.  "Is that cloud... rainbow colored?!?!" 
Josh had been watching it a while, thinking perhaps he was seeing things, but nope, they were really there...rainbow clouds.  All the other clouds in the sky were behaving normally...but not this one.

We stopped kite flying and watched as the rainbow cloud swirled, changed hue, and slowly faded away leaving just an ordinary cloud where the rainbow one had been.

Photos, of course, cannot due it justice, but they turned out pretty well.  I think the second one is the best.


  1. Wow! How very unique and special. Glad you captured some photos to share!

  2. That is simply amazing! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. That is an amazing sight. I have never seen anything like it. Is this something common in your area? Common in the world? I had to go through the post several times to just keep looking and looking. It's like magic, beautiful and rare looking.

  4. There is actually a name for that. I saw the name in someone else's blog. It is a very rare naturally occurring phenomenon. Thank you for letting us in on this.

  5. Here are a couple links I pulled up in a quick search:


    The latter is really about an urban legend saying these clouds occur before earthquakes, but it also talks about how the phenomenon happen as well.

    It was amazing...whatever the cause. And I should have been at work! Ha! That makes it all the more an amazing thing to have witnessed.

  6. I hopped over from Rocky Mountain Homemaker .. your pics are so beautiful .. and I'm sure it was even more amazing to see the rainbow hued clouds in person. Your idea for lining the compost bin is great .. I have newspapers .. so will try using them.

  7. Thanks, Mrs. Mac! Yes, photos never quite do these wonders justice, do they? Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


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