A New Curtain

I love natural light.  It makes me a happier and more productive person.  It can lighten my mood just to sit in the sunny backroom, looking out into the yard.   Unfortunately, that is the only room of the house I consider "sunny." 

There is a window in my front door.   It used to be covered with a dark colored piece of tie-dyed cloth.  Some time ago I'd decided to take the cloth down so as to let in more light.  So, the window was bare.

While I liked that the uncovered window let additional light into my too-dark living room I disliked that it seemed to give away my privacy, too.  The living room is the physical heart of my home.  You must pass through it to go to the bedroom, get to the kitchen, or even go to the bathroom.  From the front door you can see all the way through the house to the backdoor in the dining room.  I didn't like that anyone at the door could see into the house right off the bat, whether I was ready for them or not!  You know, for when I sneak through the room in my underpants.  Or so that I can have a moment to tidy things before answering the doorbell if company comes while I've got things going all over the room.  Things like that.

So, not too long ago Matt and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Me:  I want to buy a curtain for the door.  Something light colored so the sun can still come in.
Matt:  Couldn't you just make a curtain?
Me:  Hmmmmm.....I suppose I could!  Cool.  Okay, then all I need to buy is a curtain rod and we'll be set.
Matt: Couldn't we just make a curtain rod?
Me:  Hmmmmm....I don't know. 
Matt: Maybe out of a garden stake.  It just has to go over those hooks right?
Me:  Yeah.  I guess we could probably come up with something.  I don't think our stakes are long enough.  What if we straightened a clothes hanger? 
Matt:  Yeah, I bet that would work.

So, Matt set about unbending the hanger and then fashioning little hooks on the end to attach it to the wall mounts.  I set about fashioning a curtain, though I confess my end of the project was procrastinated quite a bit.

While it certainly won't win any award for style it works and I am quite happy with my 100% free and repurposed curtain and rod. 

This is also a good example of why Matt is such a blessing to me and our lifestyle.  He is keen to make do with what we have and not at all adverse to a little work to achieve our goals.  I love him for that, and lots and lots of other reasons.  Maybe someday I'll reach a point in my sewing where I'd never even consider buying something without pondering if I could make it, but in the meantime I have Matt to help remind me.  (He seems to think I am a much more capable seamstress than I do!)


  1. Light and privacy--two things I need. Therefore, all my curtains are white.Some on higher windows are white lace. Using what you have is great. Having a spouse that is willing a able to help with a project like this is marvelous. If your find something white for a curtain, you will have even more light and still have privacy. Even thinnish material with gathers affords great privacy. Good job. More young people should read your blog and quit buying these they can make. I have been known to walk through with less than panties on...lol.

  2. Oh, I love that! "Couldn't we just make that" is my mantra these days too :) Great work, both of you!

  3. Beautiful curtain!

    Oh boy, you just reminded me I have to work on MY curtain projects! We have VERY old, tattered, lace curtains on our living room window and sliding glass door. I have purchased the material a few years back, and it sits patiently in a box. So much to do!!


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