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This was the collection of steel cans we'd built up in our recycling area.  I was pretty pleasantly shocked.  I am able to recall how when we first started recycling that particular bin used to overflow with bean cans and soup cans and all other sorts of cans.  Since we've taken to dry beans, canning, organics, and have seriously reduced our ready-made, packaged food purchases I guess we just don't generate that many steel cans.  It makes me happy. 
One of my co-workers brought back fast food fries to the library, bringing along with them their intoxicating aroma which filled the place.   Oh, how I wanted some fries after that!  It is counter to my general food policy to patronize fast food joints, but I considered stopping some place on the way home. After work, when I told Matt about my craving he whipped some up for me!  He even really fried them for me (as opposed to baked fries which are great, but let's face it, no where near as tasty as fried). Oh, baby....  Who needs McDonald's!?!
I managed a little apron sewing while enjoying a local beer in my evening quiet time while Matt was at work.
Matt and I rediscovered the game Stratego.  It is SO awesome.  I lose almost every time though!  I like that it is akin to Risk, but doesn't require nearly the time commitment.
For a variety of reasons Apple Crisp is fast becoming my favorite dessert.  This particular crisp was made with local honey, local apples, and local oats.  Only the cinnamon came from outside Montana.  That made me really happy.  Plus it is so darn easy to make if you've got quarts of filling canned and ready to go!  Fast, tasty, local, cheap = Beth's favorite dessert. 


  1. Oh my! I haven't played Stratego in YEARS. I am going to have to find that game at the thrift store.

    (And BTW, I wish our steel recycling was getting smaller. There is a lot of it. I am trying to garden. I use dried beans, but there are lots of cans.)

  2. Beth, I would no more drink and sew than I would drink and drive. Sewing would suffer! Most of my machines are high speed industrial and would hurt me. You are one brave girl. Did you post a recipe for the apple crisp? I cannot find it.

    1. Ha! That is probably good advice, but you have my word of honor that I very, very, very seldom make it through more than one glass of beer in a setting. At one point in life I loved to drink. Later I was a complete abstainer, 100%, for a long time. Now I am somewhere in the middle. But, you're right I bet my sewing would suffer with a few glasses...sometimes it suffers no matter what I do! :)

      No I have no posted the recipe, but I've intended to several times. I will try to get to that sometime this week.

  3. Beth, because of this post, I decided to use all those steel cans before recycling. You can see my postat http://craftycristy.blogspot.com/2012/01/garden-starting-seeds.html


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