The Last Of...

It could be my imagination, but it seems we've entered the season of "The Last Of..." at our house.  Last week we ate up The Last Of the purple potatoes.  We also had The Last Of our garden tomatoes redden up in the basket on top of the fridge.  A few days ago it was The Last Of the Yukon golds on my plate.  This morning it was The Last Of Verna's maple syrup on my pancakes. Oh, what a sad and glorious breakfast all rolled together that was!  We'd savored and rationed out that jar for as long as we could.  I was rather sad to see it empty just as I was to find the purple potato bag empty.
But, that is part of the beauty of a more seasonal, eat from your garden food philosophy, I suppose.    There is a time where good things come to an end (The Last Of...) which just makes you all the more eager and grateful for them when their season brings them back around again.
I took a bite of pancake and used it to sop up the last drops at the bottom of the maple syrup jar.  Matt was highly amused and ran for the camera.  "You have to send it to Verna," he said.
I can certainly say that was the most I ever enjoyed maple syrup in my life.  I think that if you never take a break from something you don't ever experience it quite as fully as when you have.  When you've gone without something (be it voluntarily, like me, or not) you really know what you've been missing.


  1. Ah, that's so true, every word of it. We're in that same season here, which has me adding even more to my already over-sized list of things to grow and preserve this year ;)

    1. That list never stops growing, does it? Year after year, longer and longer...

  2. oh yes, we're doing the dark days challenge and just running out of everything local over here. Thank goodness for the preserved stuff in jars and freezer!

    1. Thank goodness! But, I still need to work on filling more jars in the fall. There never seems to be enough....


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