A New Year

To follow up on my rather belated Christmas post I shall now do a slightly less belated New Year's post. 

Matt and I rarely celebrate too much for New Year's Eve.  We prefer to stay home and have a few friends over to the loud and crazy New Year's parties and bars.  This year we elected to listen to a live streaming Furthur concert on XM Radio.   Matt signed up for a 7 day free trial of XM just for the occasion.  (Which meant I got to groove along with the incredible 40's channel for a week too!)  Derek came over to listen.  We ate pomegranates and drank local beer.  Matt got "dressed up" in a tie for the occasion.  I worked on a piece of art which Matt had "commissioned."  We played with magnets that Adam and Jen sent us for Christmas.  We also played some cards when it seemed like I was going to fall asleep before the concert ended.  (It WAS after midnight though, for the record.) 

I rarely attempt to come up with or follow through on New Year's resolutions, but I surprised myself and came up with a few this year.  Here they are:

#1 Write and mail at least one letter, card, or note to someone each month.  (Everyone loves mail and I love to send it!  Additionally, I have a weakness for things that seem like dying arts.)

#2  Try a new recipe every week.  (I have a weakness for cookbooks, too, with the result that I have hundreds and hundreds of recipes to try.  I shouldn't be allowed to read another cookbook until I've tried all the recipes I've clipped, copied, printed, and have in cookbooks of my own.  But, I know that is too harsh of a resolution for me to follow, so a new recipe every week seems like a nice happy-medium.)

#3  Practice with a yoga video more often, ideally, once a week.  (I stretch just about every day, but I rarely push myself to the sweating, red, muscle burning level that I reach with live classes and video recordings.)

#4  Stop reading the news--both print and online--unless it is a story about positivity.  (No more getting sucked into celebrity gossip I really don't care about when I log in to my yahoo mail.  No more news stories of violence, crime, and the wicked things we do to each other.  Only news that highlight those making the world a more beautiful, better place to live.) 

Nothing too major, but all the same I think they will do me good. 


  1. You two are way cute :) Did you make that lovely skirt (?) you're wearing in the photo?

    I stopped reading/ listening to the news years ago, and haven't regretted it one bit. I figure if there's something I really need to know about, the people around me will mention it. So, that's how I get my "news" these days ;)


  2. I LOVE #1 - I still write letters to my great great aunt living in England :) I also used to have a number of pen pals as a kid, from all around... Egypt, Indiana, West Virginia, etc. And I'm friends with many of them on Facebook now!

  3. Jamie, aw, thanks! As to the skirt, no, it was a gift. I do make skirts, but I've yet to do a patchwork-style one. It is on my to-do list though. Thanks for the encouragement about the news thing. I don't miss is thus far and you're right. If something huge happens....I'll hear about it!

    TLC, that is very cool! I have no long-standing writing companions. Do you have to wait a long time for international mail? Does it make the experience more exciting because of the suspense, do you think? I am curious to see if I'll get letters in return. I used to have loads of pen pals as a child,too. I suppose that is a practice that's fallen by the wayside these days.


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