A Simple Woman's Day Book for August 2, 2012

A Simple Woman's Day Book for August 2, 2012

Outside my window... it is a great day for flying kites.  That is one of the best things about being a kite enthusiast.  When it is calm I feel it is the perfect time to walk, bird watch, cycle, garden, folf, etc.  When it is windy it is the perfect time to fly!  When it is storming with lightning and gusts making kite flying out of the question I know it is the perfect time to bake bread, sew, read, watch out the windows, write letters, etc.  It makes me happy regardless of the weather.

I am thinking.... that summer is going by too fast.  The students come back to school in less than a month.  Crazy!

I am thankful for... being happy with simple things, like tea and sunshine.

From the kitchen... leftover coconut curry for lunch.....Mmmmmmm....coconut currry.....

I am wearing...  a daisy dress my mother made many years ago for my sister, with a brown tank top underneath for modesty as its a rather low cut neckline, and birkenstocks.

I am creating... personalized coloring pages from my photographs using the Sketcher feature at befunky.com.  It is really neat!  I made some of Matt's family when Adam was visiting and from our trips to Yellowstone.  I love to color and this is even better than my adult (as in challenging not racy) coloring books.

I am going... to visit my great-aunt this evening for a well overdue catch-up session at her new house.

I am reading... The Clear Light of Day by Penelope Wilcock and The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon.

On my mind... what it would be like to have Matt get off work before 9pm so that could actually have dinner together at a reasonable hour.  I think it'd be pretty great.

Around the house... we were gifted nice wooden end tables and a china hutch which belonged to my great, great, great step-grandmother (if I calculated that correctly).  It makes our sitting room look much sharper and tidier I must say than the cloth covered milk crates we'd been using for end tables/plant stands.  My friend Derek was over last night and said he thought our house looked even more clean than normal.  We ultimately decided it was just the new end tables.  I told him the house was decidedly not cleaner than normal since the vacuum cleaner is currently being worked on by Matt.  He accidentally launched it down the stair when we were moving from the rental house and its just never been the same since!  I'm glad the tables are playing tricks on people and distracting them from our rugs!

One of my favorite things... listening to the birds singing through the open window as I lay in bed while it is still not yet sunrise.  I am not a morning person, but I treasure this when I happen to be awake before the sun.

A few plans for the rest of the week...visiting Mary-Ann tonight, listening to my friend's bluegrass band Friday, a farmer's market and family BBQ on Saturday, and sneaking in a few moments of sewing and coloring, too.

A small window into my life...
A light breakfast on the front porch bench.
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