Garden Fresh Pizza

As you may remember, I am a big pizza fan.  It is one of my favorite meals as it is so flexible to whatever is on hand, so filling, so satisfying, and so easy to make.  But, no pizza can hold a candle to the pizza made from just-picked garden bounty.  That is a special summer treat.  The eggplants we grew this year are an excellent topping which we've never had at our disposal before.  Yummy! 
The first red tomatoes of the year.  Always a cause for celebration for this tomato loving household.  This also marks the first year that our put-up tomato sauces and juice lasted all the way through to the next harvest.  We only had a couple jars, but we've never managed it before.  I feel like jumping for joy at every mile-marker of self-sufficiency. 
I am so glad we decided to try growing eggplant this year.  It has been the perfect super-hot weather that they are supposed to thrive in.  Well, they certainly have been thriving.  The plant is pretty well loaded with them
Nardello and banana peppers, eggplant, kale.
Enough with the pictures!  Let's eat already!


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