Adam's Visit in Photos

My In-Laws.  The whole family, so happy to be together!
A very colorful Adam.  I quite like this photo.
Matt, chilling with his brothers in Ryan's backyard.
Silly brothers....
Happy brothers! (Adam, Matt, and Ryan, youngest to oldest and left to right!)

Ryan and his wife, Bek, hosted a BBQ at their house that just so happened to coincide with Adam's visit.  So there was yard games, food, beer (including some home-brew), cute doggies, cute kids, and a whole lot of fun.

I'm not sure if Matt was "diving" for the shot glasses or what...though that seems highly out of character.

The Shot-Ski.  Matt's family name is pronounced Shot-Ski.  So, of course why wouldn't Ryan own a ski with four shot glasses attached to it?!  Why not!?  Ryan (my BIL), Jeremy (a good friend), Matt, and Adam (my BIL) stepping up for the ski.

It pretty much HAS to make a appearance at Ryan's BBQs.  Its some sort of rule or something.
Even I end up taking one and shots are really, really not my thing.  Its hard not to get swepped up in the family fun.  Bek (my SIL), Me, Meredith (a good friends and shot-ski first-timer), and Sharon (my MIL) have a shot-ski.

The bros play a little beer pong.  I enjoy watching.  Ryan said something about wanting someone to paint the top of his beer pong table.  I am trying to dream up some cool design.  I am not sure if he was really serious or not, but it sounded like fun to me.  Adam suggested that the rules be incorporated into the design after a friendly dispute over house rules that hadn't been clearly established.
I don't remember what I said.  "Try not to look so serious," perhaps.  In any case, this was the face I got.

As dark started to settle the fire dancers brought out their tools and put on a little show for us. 

I really enjoy watching them, but feel no desire to join in.  Matt asked the fellow with the fiery juggling balls if they got hot.  The guy said yes, that the webbing of his hands was sometimes burned, but that if you got the balls a little wet it wasn't so bad...unless you made them to wet so that the steam burned you.  At that point Matt lost any interest he had in trying them out.  He said he's stick to nice, cool LED glowing juggle balls for his nighttime pleasure.

We sang.  Its super nice when there are lots of people to sing and multiple guitar players, too.

Roger took the boys golfing bright and early Sunday morning.  They always try to get in at least one round of golf when they are all together.  Its one of the things they all enjoy.  It sounds like it was a great outing, not even all that hot since they went so early.  They all needed a nap when they were done after which we gathered at the family home and played Yahtzee and ate pizza and sat around gabbing the night away. 
Where would we be without the joy of family?!


  1. Made me smile, almost tear up a little even. Thanks for sharing, it made my night.

    1. I am so glad to be able to make your night. You made my week by being here! It was so very much fun. We'll talk to you soon! Have a wonderful day!


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