What We Did - Hip, Hip, Hooray!

So our first Monday evening together under Matt's new work schedule was just about better than I could have imagined.  As I rode my bicycle down the street I got excited when I saw our car already parked in the driveway.  When I came inside Matt was sitting on the sofa flipping through a gardening book, drinking some water.  "Honey, I'm home," I called as I put my bag away.  "And so am I!" he called back.  Hooray!

First off we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood.  It was so cool, with a nice breeze.  I had told Matt there was a cut-across along the edge of the nearby elementary school property which was a direct shot to one of the main roads to the shops.  (He is so much more familiar with this part of town than I am so I was even a little proud to know about it if he didn't.)  So I showed it to him and we explored the surrounding streets.  It was overcast and sprinkled on us most of the walk.  It only felt refreshing, so cool and clean.

Then we went home and proceeded to make one of the best meals that I can recall from recent memory.  Fresh pasta with fresh red sauce, fresh pesto with the basil from our herb garden , and "meat"balls.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  It was so unbelievably good because everything was so incredibly fresh.  I decided that deserved a whole other post though.

After washing up the dishes, we went downstairs to escape the 80 degrees upstairs (which Matt finds just a touch uncomfortably warm) and played some James Bond video games before heading to bed at 9:30pm. 

I think we're going to like this arrangement. 

We ate dinner at 7pm.  We were productive (making pasta, pesto, and sauce, by which we also preserved our basil for seasons to come) and still had time to play silly video games and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

I think we shall like it a lot.


  1. Food always tastes better with the ones we love. I have a scripture over the window where we eat that says essentially that. (Better is a meal of vegetables where love is than a fatted calf with strife therewith.)

  2. The new schedule sounds great! My ex and I used to have opposite schedules (me: 8-5, him: 3-11 with a commute). It was awful, so I feel your pain!

    1. Yeah, I've come to think its just not right for families to live like that. We need the time together. We are LOVIN' the new schedule. Totally and completely.


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