An Onion Harvest

We harvested the short row of onions that we had planted at the community garden.  The leaves were brown and they'd fallen over so we pulled them all.  They are not the giant softball sized onions I might have hoped for, but they certainly are the largest we've ever grown.  Way bigger than the ones at home, which though still green are also fallen over. 
We get better at onion cultivation every year, but I still feel we are doing something wrong as they always seem to fall over before the onion bulbs up very large.  The ones at home are about, oh, lemon sized. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I am super happy to have any homegrown onions, but its still not what were were hoping for.  Having to peel and chop three onions to get the equivalent of a full-sized onion is a little bit of a pain.  Plus, Matt and I both enjoy onion a great deal.  We use is every day pretty much.  As a result of this culinary habit, we think it'd be really great if we could supply more of our own. 

Every year we do improve, but I sure wish we could just figure out "The Trick" that all the other gardeners seem to know.   The harvest from the community garden does give me some hope that we're on the right track.  Maybe next year will be the year of softball onions.  Gardening is really for optimists, don't you think?


  1. I think they look great! I am hoping to plant lots of onions in my fall garden. As far south as I live, I don't have too many heirloom options, but I am going with some red Creole type onion.

    Gardening is definitely for optimists.

    1. I hope the Red Creoles grow very well for you.

    2. Oh, and thanks! While they may not be softball sized we will certainly take any size we can get to grow!

  2. Replies
    1. This year's variety was different than last year's which did the same thing, but this year's garden is also a different garden entirely so it hard to tell....


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