Montana Peaches

A conjoined twin peach that I thought was awfully cute.  It only had one stem, but two lobed bottoms.
 I learned something new.  We can grow peaches in Montana.  I was shocked.  I guess I thought peaches only grew hot places with long growing seasons.  Not a fruit I think of when I think of Montana.  But, when we went to press cider over the weekend just down the alleyway was a peach tree so laden with fruit it was about to snap a limb.  I guess it doesn't fruit every year, but on a long, hot summer like this one it was going wild.  I am not the biggest peach fan, but I like them well enough to eat a couple warm-right-off-the-tree and to take a number home for a peach pie.  I've never made a peach pie before.
I emptied my basket of apples, but tossed in a few peaches for good measure.


  1. I, too, am surprised. But, I suppose their are cultivars of many things. I could eat peaches until I am about to pop. Peach pies are simple--make a pie crust, mix peeled and sliced peaches with sugar and flour and a spice or two. Put on a top crust and bake.

    Those look delicious!

  2. Oh, I *love* peaches. Peach pie is divine!

  3. Peach cobbler is my favorite! Enjoy.

  4. It was an awesome find. Montana peaches! Who knew!?!? We saved the pits and Matt is planning to sprout and plant them since the cultivar seems so suited to our climate. We'll see!


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