A Simple Cat's Daybook

Outside my window...there are so many things to see. And its so awesome to curl up in my soft, cozy bed in front of the big living room windows. Its a nap with a view! Sometimes Beth picks me up and carries me on her shoulder so I can look out the other windows, too. The front door has a great window to look out of!  But, I have stand up on my hind legs in order to reach it.  I like looking out windows a lot.  Its one of my favorite pastimes.  

I am thinking.... there has got to be a way for me to get the balls un-stuck from underneath the sofa on my own.  But, so far, I need help every time. You'd think five balls would be enough so that I always had one to bat around...but no...I get each and every one stuck under that silly sofa pretty much ever day.

I am thankful for... having people to pet me and love me and and play with me every single day again! I could play with them for hours.  When they get home from work I make sure to greet them at the door so we can start playing right away.  Sometimes I don't even want to let them get out of my sight, so I just follow them around the house.  And I think the affection is mutual since I just last night heard Matt tell Beth "I am so happy we decided to get a cat,"  and Beth can't walk past me without stopping for a minute to pet me.

From the kitchen... comes the alarming sound of frying.  I don't like that sizzling noise at all.  It puts me on edge.  But, the kitchen is also where my yummy food comes from so....

I am wearing...  a little jingle bell on my orange collar that makes everyone know exactly where I am in the house, especially when I get excited chasing things or running up and down the stairs.  The orange compliments me red hair.

I am creating... a stockpile of fun things to play with--ping-pong balls, fabric mice, yarn balls, a little bird that chirps, a cube of cardboard, a little fish that smells like catnip!

I am going... to systematically taste all of the houseplants.  I won't eat them, not really anyways, but I do like a taste.  Maybe on some I might take a couple tastes.  Or a nibble.

I am reading...a lot of love and affection in the eyes of my people-friends.  I can tell from their faces and the way they talk to me.  They really care about me.  That Beth can be kind of needy though.  She's always picking me up and trying to get me to sit on her lap or go to bed with her...and I am still getting used to all that.  Sometimes she follows me around!

On my mind... why there are so many loud, alarming sounds in the world, when my next serving of delicious soft food will be, and finding a sunny place to take a little rest.

Around the house... I can tell when things have been changed from the way they normally are.  I carefully examine all new or moved things that I find.  I quickly notice if a chair isn't in the right spot or if a new cupboard or closet door has been left ajar.  I smell everything new with intensity and then, depending on how I feel, rub on it to make it mine.  

One of my favorite things... playing.  I love to play.  I require at least 30 minutes of play a day.  Otherwise, I get moody.  I love to chase strings the best.  We've got this stick with a dozen different ribbons on it and a little bell that jingles when they move.  Oh boy, that thing is the best.  The ping-pong balls to bat around are pretty good, too, though.  And then there is my tunnel!  If I can chase strings or stalk balls from inside my tunnel now that is really the best.

A few plans for the rest of the week... napping in my window seat, eating, playing with Matt and Beth, lounging in the beam of sunshine in the dining room, prolonged bathing and stretching, kicking the crap out of my scratching post, and getting so excited that I just have to tear around the house like a cat possessed.  And then another nap.

A small window into my life...
This format comes from the Simple Woman blog.

A note from Beth:  Yes, I did just take the liberty of humanizing my kitty.  I'd wanted to write a follow-up post about how quickly she has made herself to home at our place and I thought this would be a fun way to do it.  We're so happy to have her with us.  So, so happy.  I'd almost forgotten how special that intimate bond we can make with our non-human friends can be.


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