Boxers from Rags

Matt wears through shirts pretty quickly. He works part-time in a warehouse and full-time around our place building things and growing things and making things. All that adds up to shirts with lots of holes. Holes that only form in the front. I'd been saving these shirts in my fabric stash thinking I surely could use those perfectly good backs for something. I just wasn't sure what.

Then Matt mentioned he was going to need to purchase some new boxer shorts since his were starting to wear out. And the light bulb went on. My mom used to make boxer shorts for my dad when I was growing up.  I figured I could do the same for Matt using these old shirts.
I flipped through my basket of patterns and as it would happen had a pattern for shorts. It was supposed to be for size small--which Matt is not--but I thought I'd give it a go on the assumption that boxer shorts should fit well and not be baggy and so maybe the size small would work out.
And it did. Matt says they pass the test with flying colors. While at work he forgot he was even wearing the homemade boxer shorts since they felt just as comfy as his store-bought ones. Yay.

Of course, since I only had backs of shirts to work with the boxers are made of four very different--and not all that matching--tie-dye patterns. But, its not like people will ever really see them. (You know, other than when I blog about it for the whole world to see.)
The only real expense is the elastic in the waistband and even with that the homemade boxer shorts are still less expensive than buying new ones. Plus, I'm always thrilled when I can find a useful purpose for something that was destined to be rubbish.  I think its cool.


  1. oh my word, this is so cool!!! My husband definitely prefers knit boxers over the woven fabric kind. Never thought of making them. I think the boxers you made are beautiful to look at - I love the patchwork kind of look :)

    1. Yeah, Matt is pretty exclusive about only wearing knit boxers over woven fabric. Its softer and more comfy, I suppose. I'd not thought of these boxers as patchwork, but I suppose that is true. Yes, I shall have to think of them as Matt's patchwork boxer shorts now. And it might be cool to use two tie-dye fabrics and two solid fabric...I'll have to see what I've got in the t-shirt stash! Thanks!


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