Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our First Harvest of the Year

I suppose technically our first harvest of the year happened a few weeks back when I started snipping chives for my experiments in Thai cooking.  We don't weigh and record our herb harvests though, in general, since we pick such a small amount at a time.  Its hard to weigh on the kitchen scale.  So, we don't.
We grew a variety of bok choy that is intended to only get 6-8 inches tall.  They were quite cute as well as yummy.
So the first recorded harvest of the year was 1/4 lb of some yummy bok choy which we grilled and tossed with a spicy vinaigrette type sauce last Friday.  I so very, very much enjoy the taste that grilling imparts to food as well as the act of cooking out of doors.  Its even better when the food is just picked from the out of doors, rinsed, and then cooked and eaten out of doors, too.  Ah, I adore thee.
My silly man and his bok choy antenna.  He was so happy to be harvesting again.
Its fun to read back through my blog--as was the case when I pulled up the vinaigrette recipe to link above--and see how we've grown.  To think Matt didn't even really like bok choy just two summers ago!  And now he's growing it and suggesting it for dinner.
Anything is possible.
Matt and I don't really eat much in the way of "mock" meats, but when I found a coupon for a free pack of Beyond Meat we thought we'd give it a go.  Its not that I think mock meats are necessarily bad, but I think beans are just fine, too.  And way cheaper.  And less processed.  So we just usually eat simple, ol' beans.  We tossed some of the Beyond Meat "chicken" with the leftover vinaigrette though and they were pretty darn good with the bok choy and scalloped potatoes on the side.

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