Friday, June 6, 2014

The Spinach Harvest

The Spinach Harvest
There is something about the birdsong
Particularly, those frisky yellow warblers
The way it plays about the air
From bush to tree
And back again
While we pluck and pull and hum under the morning sun
Fingernails lined with cool, damp earth
Bringing in the spring greens
Season passing into season
The sunshine hot upon my copper head
Make way for the tomatoes
The peppers
The eggplants
Make way for the tastes of summer
Make way
Photos from 6/4/2014


  1. Did you write the poem? I like it.

    1. I did. I dabble a bit in poetry. Thanks! I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

  2. Hello Beth. Greetings from Choteau. I am rarely on blogger these days, but I wanted to take some time to see what was happening in your garden. The spinach harvest is great! My garden is coming along nicely. I ordered some seeds from Johnny's Select Seeds this year (a company in Maine) and I'm able to try some different varieties of squash and greens. I have dried a lot of greens and enjoy making broths that we eat before meals at times. This year's new greens include: escarole, mustard greens and endive. It was under 40 degrees the other night, so I covered some areas of the garden. Everything would have been fine, but I wanted to be careful. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

    1. Ah! So nice to hear from you again! We have never dried greens. We have so many though I think I should give it a go. I suppose they'd be easily slipped into many different dishes. I'm glad to hear your garden grows well. We've used some Johnny's Seeds in the past--carrots, I seem to recall in particular. The head of our community garden loves that company. Thanks for the congrats. We're glad to finally make our committed status a bit more, shall we say, official. We're really looking forward to all the time with family and friends. Yippee! So great to hear from you. May your summer be filled with blessings big and small!


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