Feel Good at Lolo Hot Springs

The Hinges - Sunday
We try to get to a music festival every summer--at least one.  Music, friends, workshops, camping, dancing--its all things I love.  This year we attended the Feel Good Festival at Lolo Hot Springs over the Labor Day weekend.  Matt's brother, Adam, and his girlfriend, Clare, met us up there.  A festival at Lolo comes with the added cherry on top that we got to soak in the hot springs in addition to all the camping, musical fun.  I adore hot springs.
Rain-glistening tents, trees, and grasses on Saturday morning.
The path from the main stage area back to the campground went over a small (rickety) bridge and through this lovely little thicket.
It was chilly enough that a coozy was desired for beer drinking.  Adam taught us that a sock will work in a pinch!  Make do with what you have!  I sure dig that philosophy.
The weather, quite literally, rained on our parade half the weekend, but we had a good time none the less.  Life is what you make of it, after all.  When we got cold we just went for a soak in the hot springs or went for a walk or played folf.  We were all bundled up like little marshmallows.  The night it poured and they moved all the bands indoors we just hit the sack early.  I rather like the sound of rain pelting the tent.  Its nature's sound machine.
At one point there were a dozen little children dressed up in full animal suits.  Even though I'd seen that I still laughed out loud when I turned around during the Hinges and saw this tiny kangaroo enjoying the tunes--without the rest of his animal friends. 
Warm food does a body good on a rainy camping day.
The winds broke our gazebo.  We were pretty surprised.  Its been through a lot worse than that weekend, but....  We had to break it into pieces to fit it back in the car so we could lug it home and recycle it.  It sure was a boon given all the rain though.  It held up through the weekend--with a little duct tape and a couple extra guy lines.
We saw several very good musical artists, including the World's Finest, the Pine Hearts, the Dodgy Mountain Men, the Device Grips, and a couple of others.  There was a duo on Sunday--The Hinges--who covered the Grateful Dead's Dark Star.  That was pretty special.  I'd never have thought of a duo attempting that spacey, noodley number.  Lolo is such a beautiful setting for dancing--under the stars (and sometimes rain clouds) and on the soft grass.
The Pine Hearts - Sunday
The World's Finest - Friday
There were also come incredibly talented painters, jewelers, glass blowers, knitters, weaving, and other craft artists, too.  There was a guy who painted some amazing works incorporating the flower of life.  I really liked them.
The Hinges - Sunday
The Dodgy Mountain Men - Sunday
The folf course was fun and challenging.  The fairways were often quite narrow and full of trees to avoid.  It was cool how the baskets were mounted in the rocks.  All three of us managed to keep tabs on our discs though.  I even managed to par a couple holes, though I still don't keep an overall score.
Folf time!
We found one historical oddity--a rusted old stove--along the folf course.
It was the first year for Feel Good and attendance was low, but I hope they do it again.  I'd totally go back.
Forget about the X.  The SMILEY marks the spot!


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