The Amazing Scrubbing Power and Thrify of Steel Wool

Matt mentioned the other day that the steel wool was getting pretty small.  That we might have to get a new one.  Then we tried to recollect how long we’d had this particular blob of steel wool.  We know it moved with us when we bought our house.  That makes is at least three and half years old.  Gosh, that was money well spent. 

We use it daily.  On our cast iron pans.  On glass or mental casserole/baking dishes.  On pots and pans.  On glasses and glass bottles.  We use it to scrub out the kitchen sink.  Matt uses it to scrub labels off used beer bottles in order to bottle his homebrew in them.  And so on.  It’s a very useful little tool.
Old and new
In this world where disposable products abound I am always pleased to find something that lasts.


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