Packing Pickles

One of the things I like about making dill pickles is packing the cucumbers into the jars.  Its like Tetris.  Tetris with cucumbers.  I find it satisfying.

(Other things that I like about canning pickles are:
#1 How little prep work is involved compared to making, say, jelly or apple pie filling,
#2 How delicious and crisp these pickles are,
#3 That everything is local--save the vinegar,
#4 That I haven't bought pickles in, oh, I don't know, three, maybe four years.)

This year we had an itty-bitty canning mis-hap when processing our pickles.  One of the jars broke clean off at the bottom.  The brine drained right out into the hot water bath.  Those pickles though were packed so well that even without the bottom of the jar they stayed in place.  I was pretty impressed with that.
I mean, I would have preferred to eat those particular pickles, but if the jar had to break at least it illustrated my awesome pickle packing skills...


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