Homegrown Happenings in Our Kitchen

We've been out of town every weekend for, well, too long.  We've been having fun, but oh, that garden has been growing without us.  We're making a concerted effort to catch up with it this week--and will actually be home for the weekend. That should help.
On Wednesday we froze 15 cups of corn--and I ate another cup or so.  We use Matt's grandmother's recipe for freezing it.   It makes the best corn I've ever had.   The corn is collectively grown at our community garden.  It really saves us on growing space at home to know we have this perk through our involvement with the community garden to bank on.  Matt and I were team leaders for the corn this year.  We organized planted it and now we get to eat it, too.  Happy day!
On Thursday we made some roasted tomatillo salsa.  We've got a beautiful crop of tomatillos this year--purple, yellow, and green.  The purples are just splendid--and purple all the way through, too.  We're small-batching it as they're ripe and so I think we ended up with five half-pints of salsa....one of which we ate promptly.  We actually got is spicy this year, too!  Tomatillos are so sweet that we'd never put in enough peppers to make the heat come through.  I like it hot!  This year we added three cayenne peppers, three habanero peppers, and one Tabasco pepper.  Its perfectly zippy, I think.  Some bites more than others!
The habanero pepper was grown by our friend Mary, who kindly gifted us some surplus produce from her garden.  We didn't grow habaneros this year.  The rest came from our garden though.
We made a fantastic peanut butter stir-fry on Thursday as well.  Matt bottled beer  (another project we were behind on) and I prepped dinner.  Every single vegetable in it was homegrown--onions, green, red, and orange peppers, cabbage, zucchini.  It was quite delicious.  We hadn't had a peanuty stir-fry in a while.  Plus, vegetables really do taste best when they were picked that very day.  It makes me happy.
Next up, apple pie filling!


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