The Anonymous String Association

Here are the photos from the Anonymous String Association show last Saturday.  I love bluegrass.  Maybe I've gone on about it before...I can't really remember.  I like pretty much all bluegrass from the uber-traditional Appalachian style to the modern with a drummer dancegrass style.  I like spiritual, traditional bluegrass and gritty, contemporary bluegrass.  The warmth of the strings and the way it makes me need to jump and bounce about is just too much for me.  It makes me oh so happy.   It makes me even happier when the makes-me-want-to-dance-awesome-tunes are being plucked out by my friends. 


  1. Looks like a fun time--share any YouTube or other clips if you've got 'em? We're out for Mountain Moongrass tonight!

  2. Awesome to see them back in action. I will hope to catch them the next time I am in MT!


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