Atari Time

Here is a REAL blast from the past.  I played Atari for the first time. 
Matt was in disbelief that I'd never played one so he brought it up from the basement (where he also has the original Nintendo and Super NES as well, all from their childhood) so that he could show it to me.  He even had to rewire a paddle to get the Atari to work (and impressed me with his handiness, I must say.)  I still only got to play "Breakaway IV" as the joystick was beyond Matt's ability to fix apparently which limited our options. 
Breakaway was pretty fun though.  We laughed and had a good time with it for an hour or so.
The Atari experience reminded me of a conversation I had with a teen recently.  The teen was basically saying that they "needed" a humongous television because video games were just so awesome that a more modest television didn't cut it.  It made me wonder what they'd have to say about a gaming system that has a mode for both a color television and a black-and-white one.  It made me laugh a little.
Everything is so relative.  At one point Atari was cutting edge.  So was DDT.  And so many other things.  It is interesting to think about how thing change...and rather quickly, too.


  1. When I went to visit my daughter about 15 years ago, she said something about their remote "something." Then, she laughed and said the remote had a wire to the "something" she was using. They had not gotten a real remote "something" because that one worked just fine. This "something" was a TV or cassette player or another device....not sure. I don't remember. Getting the latest and greatest is no guarantee of a wonderful experience.

    A friend's daughter told me she would never sleep on a twin/single bed. While her little, snooty, fifteen-year-old nose was in the air, I commented that I could sleep on a twin bed with back, knees and shoulders hurting. She sneared at anyone who would sleep on a twin bed. She and the teen needing the large screen would make a good pair.

    I know you have no intention of selling it, but look it up on the internet and see that it is worth lots now.

  2. Ian was soooooo jealous when I told him about this. :)


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