Totally Random Photos

Cherry pickin' by bicycle in May.
A double blossom on my office hibiscus plant.
Me and the tallest cowboy I ever saw back in June at the Wild West Soiree.
Dewy summer leaves.  At the center, at the bottom, you can see a single droplet about to fall.  I really like that for some reason. 
A Montana-made pysanka egg that I got Matt for his birthday.  Pysanky is so incredibly amazing if you ask me.
Kitty slippers.
I learned about this song and then shortly after stumbled upon this frame at the thrift shop.  I sing this song to myself while I work a lot.  I don't know why because it is, as I understand it, technically a dancing song not a work song, but it seems to fit and it makes me cheerful.
Matt checking out his brother's garden near the end of the summer.
I found this growing inside a green bell pepper.  I thought it looked like a goose so I let it live on the windowsill with my crystal until it withered and had to be composted.
When we went out looking at Christmas lights this year we found a street that is themed on the classic claymation Rudolph movie.  I learned that the Abominable Snowman is Matt's favorite character from that film.  He made a cute lawn decoration, too.
I loved the way the lights were casting colored rings on the front of this house.  I don't know why...maybe they were special bulbs, but I didn't see any other lights causing this effect.  I thought it was pretty cool.  The colored circles danced on the house and the breeze jiggled the dangling lights.
The sunrise this morning.
A summer bicycle ride (no sleeves!).  Matt gets a kick out of it when my hair does this because of the straps on my helmet.  He calls them my wings.


  1. All are cool pictures. My earmuffs do a similar thing with my hair. Since my earmuffs are black, a person has to be really close to see it is not my hair. I see strange looks before people get within 3 feet of

    The words to the song are not legible to me.

    Blogger has not notified me of your posts in ages, so I will have to read back.

  2. I just love your photos! Full of adventure and each one tells amazing stories! Merry Christmas and to a Great New Year!


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