Until this summer I didn't have much experience with fingerling potatoes.  However, they were the most prolific in our potato patch so we ended up getting quite a fingerling education.   And, by that, I mean an education as to how incredible, utterly amazing, and fantastic these little potatoes are!
They are perfect just about every way you might want to make them, as opposed to say russets which I think make great fried potatoes, but not so great mashed.  Until we started growing potatoes I sort of naively thought that a potato is a potato is a potato.  But, oh no!   Just like when I discovered the garlic guy at the farmer's market I quickly learned that each has its only little special differences to be enjoyed.

While I certainly enjoy all of the broad variety of potatoes I've ever had the chance to try I can easily say that fingerlings get my pick for favorite potato.

Roast they turned so creamy it was like magic.   That way my favorite way to eat them, but then again I love just about everything roasted.

Sadly, we are the last of them for breakfast this morning.  Oh, it had to happen sooner of later...

Matt is reading over seed catalogs.  I told him we MUST grow several kinds of fingerlings next year!  And lots more!


  1. Very good info. Lucky me I found your website bby accident (stumbleupon).
    I've bookmarked it for later!


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