A Family Dinner

We had a little pre-Christmas family reunion of sorts, on Matt's side of the family.  Matt's little brother, Adam, and his girlfriend, Jen, came back to Montana to visit family for a week.  Even though our time together was short (we had to share them with other family and friends in Bozeman, after all) it was sure awesome.  It was a really, really swell early Christmas present!  Playing board games, tie-dying, eating dinner, telling stories, laughing until I cried, watching old home videos of the boys, long hugs, catching up.  Great, just great.  I think it is safe to say we all had a very good time. 
Playing Monopoly Deal and having tea with my sisters-in-law, Jen and Bek.
Sharon made these fancy sparkling wine drink with a whole hibiscus flower in the bottom, and sweet hibiscus flavored syrup.  They were delish!  When the drink was gone I ate the flower.  It tasted like fruit leather.   Yum.
Not to mention quite pretty.  Can you see that perfect blossom in there?  It sort of opened up in the glass as it sat there.  I thought it was quite lovely.
So, we drank pretty drinks while Sharon made fried bread for Oofta Tacos.  This was my first family dinner without Matt.  I guess I am really part of the family myself now!  Matt had to work and so joined us much later.

Apples to Apples is just about a guarantee for uproarious laughter.  That is part of what makes it arguably the best group game ever.
Something tells me that Ryan isn't buying whatever Bek is selling.  : )  That is another fabulous aspect of Apples to Apples.  Lobbying and table-talk are encouraged.  It can make it quite lively!


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