Finally Having More

I found this poem glued into a journal yesterday.  I don't know where I found it originally, but I quite like it and wanted to share it far and wide.  It speaks to me strongly.  It seems to reflect back at me what I feel inside about the quiet life I am building with Matt.  That last stanza is so powerful and true.  The first worded just perfectly.  I hope you enjoy as well.
Suburbia Revised  by Ruth Wrenn

Finally free
from the grasping gasping needingness
of the constant wanting nothingness
of the endless hunting shoppingness
of suburban modern emptiness

My time
is finally mine to give away
Never more to waste away
on the the endless quest for more to pay
to bring home more to throw away

Wanting less and
Needing less and
Finally having more.


  1. OH I LOVE IT!!!!!! It's wonderful! I can definitely see why you cut it out and kept it.

  2. I love the poem too. It is especially meaningful this time of year when our focus can be so commercial.
    When our focus isn't on money, it can be on far more satisfying things like relationships, creativity, serving others, enjoying nature and so much more. I will write the poem in my journal for times when I lose my focus......Denise

  3. Ah, I am so glad you all liked it, too. I somehow knew that my awesome blog friends would!

    Denise, I hadn't really thought about the poem in the context of this holiday "shopping season," but that is certainly worth pointing out so thank you. It is my goal for this Christmas to not purchase any "new" gifts from stores. I've been picking up a thing here and there at the craft shows I vend in, as well as the second-hand shop and making a thing here and there too. I'm surprised by how easy it has been and know that if I pull it off I will feel so good about it. And hopefully it will be more meaningful for all of my relatives, too.

  4. What a wonderful poem, and so, so true! I feel it more deeply too with each change I make toward a more simple life. I always find it strange that here in the U.S. we have to continually work to change our mindset toward going back to basics. In most other parts of the world, from the basics is where they start! Thanks for sharing,

  5. That IS strange and rather interesting, Jamie. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem as well. Have a great day!

  6. Wouldn't that make a wonderful National Anthem? Thank you for sharing that perfect sentiment with us.


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