A Good Laugh

The angle is wrong so my eyeballs are far less...dramatic.
Now, tell me you were able to make it through all those without at least cracking a smile. 

When Keleigh was visiting we had way too much fun with these creepy glasses I'd had stashed away in my suitcase-of-toys.  Actually, we had so much fun that the glasses ended up getting broken.  Oh well, they had their time to shine.  We were all laughing so hard were were just about crying.  So hard that it actually got a little creepy.  I mean, Keleigh was maniacally howling with laughter.  We were starting to think perhaps she'd become possessed because it went on for so long and seemed so completely uncontrollable.  But, no, it wasn't demon possession.  : )  Creepy Eye Glasses are just THAT funny.  We even got everyone to try them on, to the delight of all present, especially the cackling monster child.  Oh, the laughter!  It was a blast.

I have a hard time deciding which is the funniest.  I think its a tie between the first one, with Keleigh, and Sarah's utterly uninterested creepy eye look in the photo after yours truly.

I don't know how such silly glasses could be the start of so much fun. 


  1. Those glasses make for pretty creepy eyes. I don't think I have ever seen glasses like that.


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