Triple Word Score

Matt has always had this goal of using every Triple Word Score space on the Scrabble board.  I've always thought it basically impossible.  There are eight of them.  One in each corner and one at the center point of each side of the board.   It would take a lot of long words to spread the board out that much.  But, Matt has always insisted it would be awesome and gets excited when we have most of them in play because he always held out hope we'd manage it.

We've come close.  (We do play a lot of Scrabble, after all.)  We rather easily achieve six of the eight spaces.  But, as I said, to get all eight I never really considered an option.

 And then we did it a couple nights ago.
And Matt was SO happy.

(And I took a picture.)


  1. That is a great accomplishment. I never have anyone to play board games with me and I love word games, especially.

    1. I thank my lucky stars that Matt likes board games. Both my sister's husbands are not fans. Word games are my favorite, too.


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