Birding Around the House

One of the many, many things I really enjoy about our house is the birds.  It seems like the place is just crazy with birds.  This works out well for me because I think I could watch birds all day long.   It can actually be quite distracting.  I go out to pin clothes to the line and it takes twice as long as it should because of the chickadees and blue jays.  How can I possibly resist watching their antics?!  I just cannot. 

At the end of the season I collect leftover corn and sunflowers at the community garden which I use to provide fodder for my winged neighbors.  I really prefer watching them have to work for the food as they do when they must pry it from the flower head or cob.  Its seems more natural for them than eating out of feeder and is more interesting to me.  That said, I do have feeders, too.  But, they've been quite empty since the sunflower seed from last season ran out months ago.  I'm glad to have restocked since I've yet to make it to Tractor Supply for more commercial seed.

I used to keep a little list of birds I'd seen around the rental house.  I've just recently revived the tradition at our home now.  It is below.  Maybe I'll even remember to add to it as we sight new species of birds around the house.

Birds around the house:
House sparrow
American robin
Black-capped chickadee
Yellow warbler
Blue jay
Pine siskin
Downy woodpecker
Northern flicker
Coopers hawk
Sharp shinned hawk
American crow
Cedar waxwing
Dark-eyed junco


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