The Potato Harvest

We harvested the last of the potatoes at the community garden last night.  A few more hills at the home garden and we will have them all in for the year.  We're looking right on target to exceed our 100lb goal.
The purple potatoes (All Blue) are my favorite.  I find their flavor good and their color outstanding. 
We grew two varieties of fingerling potatoes (LaRatte and Russian Banana).  I don't think we did a good enough job with our labels to keep them separate.  I think fingerlings are wonderful, especially roasted, but I must say they are a bit of a pain to harvest and clean.  They're so small and there are so many of them!!  But, they're worth it, I think.
Then there are the more standard potatoes, like Russets and Yukon Golds, which we like for baking and for making gnocchi.   (We are so making gnocchi this weekend!  Yummy!)
There was also a red potato with red flesh (All Red) which we've never grown before.  Its of good size and flavor, but didn't seem as prolific as its All Blue counterpart.

The potatoes found it pretty easy to just grow under the path, which at the community garden are made of carpet.  We opted not to eat the ones grown directly in carpet, but I thought it was pretty interesting.  It was the path of least resistance, I guess!
I think potato harvest is like a treasure hunt.  Its certainly one of my favorite crops to bring in.  My hands did get a bit chilly yesterday though, digging in the cool, damp earth under the grey sky!  But, I am looking forward to all those potatoes and now the job is pretty much done until next year.  Hooray!


  1. Your potatoes sure look lovely and colourful and I bet they were pretty tasty too!
    Our crop last year was disappointing as while we harvested many, lots of them seemed to have some kind of fungal disease which made them inedible - they had a kind of dark ring to the flesh when cut open, and were crunchy instead of the usual potato texture. Hopefully this year will be better!

    1. That would be SO disappointing. Hopefully this year is better indeed!

  2. You really did well with 100 lbs of potatoes harvested. They look so pretty and yummy.

    Carpet potatoes would be shunned by me also.

    What does Matt have on his head???

    1. Its just a bandana, folded triangle style. But with the wind and all the bending over it is sort of flipped up in the photos.

  3. LOL...he looked like The Flying Nun in the first picture.


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