An Autumn Walk

Yesterday was so nice.  The sun came out and took away just enough of autumn's crisp chill as to make it very, very pleasant.  The sun felt good, extra good, because at this point one must wonder how many of these nice, sunny autumn days we have left.  A sunny winter day has its charm, too, but sunny autumn days seems to have an extra excitement.  Its like summer is trying to hold out just a bit longer.
After a morning of productivity in harvesting the last of the peppers and potatoes and winterizing the garden and associated tools we found that the sun was still shining brightly.  We were not quite ready for lunch, but not quite ready to tackle cutting and stacking our small wood pile.  So I suggested a walk.
We still are in Explore Mode in our neighborhood walks.  There are so many different routes one can take that it will take some time before we are as familiar with them as we were with our old neighborhood.   This is great fun.  In addition to the pleasure of walking we see something new--an impressive house, a lovely tree, a neighbor keeping chickens--on every walk. 
This particular stroll we discovered a park just 15 minutes from our house that neither of us knew existed.  It had swings, picnic tables, horseshoe pits, and a sizable expanse of grass and trees.  We stopped and had a swing for a while, enjoying the scenery of the rim rocks and autumn hues which made the grass seem shockingly green.  We used to walk to Pioneer Park which was near our rental house for picnics and recreating.  We were excited to find a new park, close to our new home, to make our new picnicking grounds.

And of course, the leaves were fantastic. 
It is amazing--this transformation.  This change that takes place before our very eyes.  This change that makes the mornings dark and cold.  That brings frost to the windows and recolors the entire landscape.  That sends the leaves swirling down in a multicolored rainstorm.  We haven't changed, but gradually the world around us is--and so we too must eventually change.  Longer sleeves and taller socks.  Trading sandals for boots.  Lamps on earlier in the evening.  Warmth in great demand rather than in sweltering excess.  Isn't is just amazing that we are part of such an astonishing, miraculous cycle?!  What a wonderful world!


  1. Hi, I love your blog. Only recently discovered it. I love these Autumn colours. Do you happen to know the name of the tree/bush in your last photo? Cheers Rebecca (Australia)

    1. I think its called a Burning Bush, but that's just what I've heard. I'm certainly no expert. I really wish I knew more about plants--trees, shrubs, flowers. I've just started working on the flowers portion, but am still a little at the they-all-look-the-same stage.

      Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by!


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