Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Time.... compost the jack-o-lanterns.    The goofy face looked even goofier with a snow mask, but now that it has melted the pumpkins have gone quite soft and mold is starting to pepper the inside.  It was fun while it lasted though.


  1. Here they just all turned to Gruesome Grins the day after Halloween

  2. I read something about not putting moldy fruits and vegetables in the compost, but I don't remember why not. (You know if it is on the internet, it must be true.) It worries me because I have put moldy produce in my compost. Now, I have wondered if that was a bad thing.

    If we get snow at all, we will be lucky unless this year is like last year, plenty of snow in Jan and Feb. "Snow on the Jack o' Lantern" is pretty incongruous for this area. I need to find pumpkins after Thanksgiving for the hens.

    1. Maybe its bad, but we've been doing it for years with seemingly no problems. I guess maybe if the compost pile isn't super active (hot) it wouldn't kill the mold. But our pile is so hot you can hardly touch the middle of it most of the time and I think that kills all the nasty bits. But, that's just my personal experience.

      When I was growing up I cannot really remember a Halloween where my costume didn't have to accommodate a snowsuit. Snow and Halloween are very common for me. What a world! I love to learn about how different it is all over.


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