A Year's Time...Already?!

I'm really trying to be happier today.  It is only going so-so though what with fresh tears every time I check my email, answer the phone, or log on to facebook--or so it feels to me.  That and I am trying to do my taxes---yeesh....not my idea of a good time at all.  Isn't there some cliche about death and taxes?  Huh, what a coincidence.... 

In any case, my morning was off to another weepy start. 

But, then a kind soul reminded me of some really good news to celebrate and rejoice in today.  And that is that this very day marks the one year anniversary of signing the papers on our new home.  Of owning a place to call our own.  Hooray.  Can it really be a year already?!

While we have lots of dreams and plans for improving and fine-tuning it into our ideal vision of home, we are very, very happy with little place.  The bright light from all the windows has made the houseplants healthier looking than ever.  The garden provided more precious food bounty than we should have hoped for in that first year and the prospects are even greater for the years to come.  The basement has been an escape from both the heat of summer and chill of winter as well as given us the space to set up a seedling nursery for our garden, a beer brewing area, a tie-dye workspace, and food storage.   We've seen many species of bird that never visited our old home (though I am still waiting to see if we get goldfinches as we used to).    We've enjoyed having the extra room so we feel comfortable in having multiple house guests at once.  I am overjoyed at having a craft room where I can spread out and work on all my various projects.  And I've got my hammock strung up between two pine trees swinging in the breeze in the front yard.  Life is good at the new house...which soon enough I'll have to stop calling "new."

Thanks for reminding me, Rebecca.  I needed that bit of joy today.

And here is to many, many more happy years here.


  1. I was sorry to read of the death of your friend.

    I've found you via Pen's blog and have enjoyed reading some of your entries. Your husband Matt has made some awesome tie dyeing designs, they totally rock!

    Happy One Year Anniversary for your home.


    1. San,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a few kind words with me. I sure appreciate it. Matt always says he cannot draw stick people...but tie dye he "gets," I guess you could say.

      Pen is a wonderful soul, don't you think?!

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Peace to your house. May your home be blessed, and all who come under your roof. xxx

  3. Nothing but good vibes from your awesome home. Love you guys!

  4. Happy first year house anniversary!


    1. Look at you go!!! Thanks, Sharon! I think we're very happy here! It was great to have dinner with you last night! Have a wonderful day!


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