PB Smoothies

On a whim one day a few months back Matt put a dollop of peanut butter into the blender with our fruit and soymilk.  It was a pretty revolutionary thing.  We now pretty much always put one in.  It is amazing the scrumptious contribution it makes to every variation of smoothie we make.  Blueberry-Banana-Peanut is the best though.  It tastes just like a milk shake somehow.  Its not much peanut butter--maybe a tablespoon in an entire blender full of smoothie.  But, oh, it makes quite a difference to my taste buds.

Another trick I've found is to just process the heck out of it--for way longer than really needed to make it smooth.  It makes the texture so much lighter and creamier.  It whips in more air which makes it greater in volume--more smoothie without more calories, just more air.  And when the smoothie is this light and creamy I always seem to want more!

Smoothies are such an easy way to start my day with a big dose of fruit as well as a healthy option when I get a sweet tooth--especially that blueberry-banana-peanut milk shake tasting one!


  1. mmmm, we love PB-banana-yogurt smoothies after a sandy day at the beach! I also add a few drops of vanilla extract - gives it more of an ice cream taste :) I will try adding blueberries to our beach smoothie - never thought of that.

    1. Well then we are swapping great ideas we've never thought of! Vanilla would be a perfect way to accent that milk shake-ice cream taste! I can't wait to try it tomorrow!

      MMMMmmmmmmmm, indeed!


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