The Montana Pineapple Update

You may remember that almost a year ago not I posted that Matt and I were attempting to grow a pineapple in our house.  I was admiring the pineapple the other day and thought perhaps I'd share some of the progress we've been making.  No fruit yet, but there are indications that we're on our way.

First, the thing has gotten huge.  Go back to that other pineapple post and look at how itty bitty it is in the little 5 inch green pot near the end of the post.  Now it is in a 10 inch pot and that pot overfloweth.  The original leaves (i.e. the ones on the top of the pineapple we bought at the store and rooted) are still very small, and a little worse for wear, but all the new growth is long--very long--probably approaching two feet each in length.  They are a lovely green.  Each of the leaves (so we read) are associated with one of the scales on the pineapple fruit itself.  So, we're happy to see it putting out so many good looking leaves.

Second, the leaves have developed some serrated edges, another developmental milestone in the life of a pineapple (again, so we read).

Aren't those little serrated edges neat-o ?!?
It may still be another year before it fruits, but it seems to be developing in the right direction.  We have a second pineapple which we started in the autumn of last year.  It is still quite short and smooth leaved.  All in due time.... 

It has been a pretty cool little project, I must say.  I am eager to see what the next step in its growth will be.  How long the leaves will get.  What it looks like when it blossoms. 

And its so easy, too.  Its just a houseplant and I treat it just like my philodendron and mother-in-law's tongue and all the other houseplants.  But, we're hopeful that it is a houseplant that will one day blossom into a piece of edible gold.  Pretty cool, I think.


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