I Love You the Yellowest

I found a sheet of lined, loose-leaf paper in my front flower bed.  It was hung up in the thorns of the bare branched rose bush and had no doubt blown in from one of the school children who attend the elementary school just around the corner from my house.  It had a sweet little love-note-poem on it which made me smile.  It was so endearing.   I've included it below, as written by the young author--punctuation, spelling, and all.

"I Love you the yellowest

I Love you the color of a flower blooming

I Love you the color of the wind movming in the river

I Love you the color of a sun set when it rises in the morning. *I Love you the color of a ripe-Ready Blosom in the summer.*  I Love you the color of when you give me a hug and my heart shines.

I wonder what the next stanza would have been....


  1. so precious! "I love you the yellowest. . . "

    I wonder if it was a poetry exercise assigned by a teacher, to teach creative writing. But I love how you found it!

    1. It has some marks on it in pink which appear to be corrections....now whether it was the author or teacher correcting/editing it I don't know, but your theory seems likely.

  2. I thought it was wonderfully precious and endearing. I'm glad I wasn't alone!


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