Springtime with Snow

We'd been enjoying some very pleasant weather as of recent...and then yesterday we awoke to winter again. 

I really had thought my days of snow boots and winter coats were over, too.  It snowed all day yesterday.  I was surprised by it as I was almost certain in would peter out by the end of the day...but no.  Snow, snow, snow all day long. 
Not feet of snow or anything, but just a nice steady flutter of lovely white flakes so that there is a brilliant white blanket over everything.  The chickadees perch and fluff themselves up into adorable little orbs.  I guess all the cold hearty plants in the garden will be put to the test again as to their heartiness, but we're sure it will all be fine.  Its not as if our garden hasn't been snowed on in years past.  Peas and spinach and all just really don't seem to mind, thank heavens.
All the trees, shrubs, grass, flowers, and other plants should get a nice, good drink from this snow (very important in our arid area) which will just bring on the green with even greater vengeance when the snow disappears again.  Ah, Montana springs....


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