Small is Beautiful - Inspiration Thursday

I just found a book in the book sale area of my library which I am quite excited about adding to my bookshelf.  I read it during my last semester of college and I so thoroughly enjoyed and admired it.  It changed the way I know, one of those life-changing books. 

The book is called Small is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered by E.F. Schumacher.

This book is written in a lovely straightforward and simple style and is so wise and compassionate that I can hardly believe it is an "economics" book.  Its economic spirituality, if you  ask me.  It is certainly an economic theory that I think would benefit everyone to read and that could change the way this wacky world works...for the better...if we implemented it and put people back in the forefront instead of always focusing on that almighty dollar.  Its rather revolutionary actually.

Here are a couple quotes pulled at random to give a taste of the book:

“An attitude to life which seeks fulfillment in the single-minded pursuit of wealth - in short, materialism - does not fit into this world, because it contains within itself no limiting principle, while the environment in which it is placed is strictly limited.”

“Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology toward the organic, the gentle, the elegant and beautiful.”

 If you can find a copy to borrow (or I suppose buy), I highly recommend it.  It was originally published in the 1970's, but there is an updated 25th anniversary edition as well.

Small is beautiful!


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