Just a little something I whipped up....

We picked up three eggplants for $1 at the Natural Grocer, as I mentioned a couple days ago.  I worked late on Sunday (I work one Sunday evening a month) and came home to a very, very yummy smelling house.  On nights when I work late Matt typically tries to out-do himself in the kitchen.  On this particular occasion as soon as he opened to door to greet me I was hit by a wall of scrumptious Italian smelling air....even before I was off the porch and inside the house! 

He'd made eggplant lasagna where there were no noodles--the eggplant was cut into thin strips and used as faux noodles.  He layered the eggplant "noodles" with a thick and lightly seasoned red sauce made from our canned tomato sauce, fresh tofu ricotta, a wee bit of Daiya cheese we still had on hand, and on a whim, mixed in some sunflower seeds.  He paired it with some yummy spring asparagus roasted with just a little olive oil, salt, and pepper.  He also made fresh rolls, as if all the rest weren't incredible enough. 

The result was phenomenal.  Rich and satisfying, vegetable laden and awesome.

I asked where he'd gotten the recipe (because I wanted to copy it down to add to my recipe card box and so that I could share it will all of you).  He just casually replied "Oh, it was just a little something I whipped up..."

Well done, I say.   What a gem.


  1. Wow lucky you! Sounds like he went to a lot of effort there!

    1. Lucky indeed! He really is a gem and he love to cook! Taught me everything I know! Very lucky and blessed am I!

  2. What a guy! I'm so impressed about using veggies instead of noodles AND homemade rolls. Wow.

    1. I thought the veggie "noodles" was pretty brilliant! And I have to agree, though I am biased, what a guy! I'm a very blessed person to share my kitchen (and life) with him.


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