Friday, May 9, 2014

Jesscy's Farm

I should have been raised on a farm.  I've always thought so, but that isn't the way it has worked out.  But whether I am in a wheat field or a horse pasture... I just can't describe the heart-swelling feeling I get, a feeling of being home.  I even took agriculture classes as electives in high school--even though I was the only "town kid" in them.  My teacher called my parents in for a conference because I was doing so well and he was curious if I had any real agricultural background.  The open spaces, fresh air, critters both domestic and wild, hard, meaningful work, good people, old houses with good porches, starry nights, well-earned sleep.... its like a whole other world.

But, at least I know enough country folks that I still get to visit every now and again!


  1. Beautiful piece of land, wow!

  2. How lovely. You sure are lucky to have a place like that to visit :-)

  3. maybe there's a farm in your future! Love your passion for ag. We do love living in the city, but it's bearable only because we leave the city regularly and visit our farm folks :)

    1. I know there would be lots I would miss living in the country--totally true. There are pros and cons to all things. Maybe I'll end up on a farm, but if not I kind of dig this urban homestead things, too! And visit my farming friends and family.

  4. Droopy Drawers! How I love that chicken.

  5. It is a beautiful place and I think I shall have to visit more often!


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