Friday, March 18, 2011

On my mind....

Today, especially with the weekend approaching and the beautiful morning sunshine, the thing on my mind is:

Little sprouts make me happy!

Cedar Waxwing I spotted on the bicycle ride to work.  I hadn't seen them in a while.

Winter was long in Billings this year.  Certainly not as long as my relatives on the high-line are attesting to, but long enough and longer than usual.  I am ready for spring. For green things and bird choruses and flowers and warm soil and hill climbing and hanging clothes on the line and camping and just laying in the sunshine...all the things that the ending of winter bring.

The This Is On My Mind concept come from  Rhonda on her Down to Earth blog.


  1. Little sprouts are exciting! I love that picture of "Cedar Waxing". Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Oh man, is that a little cold frame? What's under there? Tell me now! :)

  3. Oh how interesting you post about being ready for Spring as I had posted about welcoming Autumn and we bot include local birds! A lovely post thank you.

  4. Darci- The anticlimactic answer is: Nothing....yet! It is our first attempt at cold frames/hoop houses. Matt is deep in research mode. He has thermometers in there and is taking readings (with ends open vs. end closed, at different times of day, etc) to see what the temp. range is inside compared with outside and compared with the sunporch. Matt loves a good science project. He was hoping to get seed under there this week, but now it is snowing so...who knows?!

    Tammy - That is quite interesting! And too funny.

    Becky - It is snowing here again so perhaps my hooray for spring was a bit premature. Oh well, hooray none the less!


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