Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Personal Best

I started running in October 2010.  I am a newbie.  As a result I am continually pleased with myself for accomplishing things I would have never thought possible (I would have never thought running...period...was possible just a couple years ago).  I set a new best this week.  I ran the 2.5 miles home in less than 25 minutes.  I was pushing myself a bit on the last block because I knew I was close to finished and close to besting my previous times.  If I did the math right (and numbers do give me trouble) I managed to make just a hair under 10 minutes per mile.  I'd been consistently stuck at 12 minutes for a while now.  I feel it is getting easier and easier for me to run though.  I used to be "dying" by the time I got home, or I would have to take a little walking break in the middle of the commute.  Now I feel really good.  Really good.  The vanishing snow really helps as well....let's face it, it is more fun to run on the grass, past the leafing trees, in the sun.  Running has also made it noticeably easier for me to transition back to bicycle riding as the snow clears.  After a winter of running riding bicycle seems like nothing!


  1. yea! I loved running but it didn't love me. so glad you are able to do it, makes you feel so good! (and now excuse me while I look for your MIL's enchilada sauce recipe here; can't have enough good recipes!)

  2. I don't think I have that recipe on here, but perhaps I should! It is true, we can never have too many good recipes! Thanks for stopping by.


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