Recycled Garden Labels

Last year we used duct tape on pencils for garden markers.  Well, it was less than ideal to say the least.  This year we wanted something that would be more durable and readable--something that would last for the whole season.  So we made these little labels:
They were made by cutting up old sour cream/butter tubs.  We have long stopped using these containers for leftovers, but still have a bunch kicking around the house for various other container needs.  We cannot recycle this type of plastic where I live, sadly, so it was either find a use for them or throw them in the landfill.  So, we've been finding uses.  The garden labels is just one more to re-purpose them.  I really get a kick out of these tiny acts of environmentalism.  The little things add up, but are so very easy to do. 

The tub itself was easier to make tags out of than the lid, but both worked.  They all had one nice side for writing on. 

I guess now the test will be whether or not they will last through the fall.


  1. This is a clever way to recycle containers.

  2. I think someone said that laundry markers did not fade in the sun like indelible markers. If you keep a check on them, you can rewrite to letters when they fade just a bit. I have heard of using milk cartons for the same purpose.

  3. Wonderful idea , thanks for sharing.

  4. We love little science projects at my house so I foresee a side-by-side comparison of laundry marker vs. sharpie in the full sun coming this summer :)

    Thanks for stopping by everyone. It is warming up and melting off here...looks like it will be a beautiful day!

  5. wait, I need to label my garden plants? Man! I have so much to learn.

    Anyway, you've commented on my blog a few times and I just wanted to thank you. I know it's a small thing, but it's time from your day and I appreciate it.

    Also, you're a librarian? My sister is, too. Just a little connection there :)

  6. Ha! I never thought about NOT labeling them! I am a bit compulsive about that sort of thing though. : ) It works well in the library world I must say. My sister is a librarian as well!

    I am just starting out sewing and find your blog a constant source of inspiration and motivation.


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