Warning: Garden Fever Here

                                           Matt and the 2010 Garden

We have a serious case of Garden Fever at my house.  I must confess it was mostly just Matt's illness at first, but he was pretty darn contagious.  He has talked virtually nonstop about nothing but the garden for almost two weeks.  One day he woke up taking gardens and didn't stray from the topic until I went to work an hour later.  It is a very good thing.  It is also cute and amusing to me.  He is so very, very (rightfully so) excited that spring draws near.  He has it so well planned out that I am truly impressed.  He even drew little sketches to scale and he HATES drawing and claims he can't even make stick figures!

Now I have the fever, too.  I cannot wait to dig in with my hands with the sun on my back.  I could again thank Michael Pollan for his help in my rapidly expanding fever.  In Defense of Food makes me want to garden more than ever (though I have been doing a lot of reading on homesteading which is probably an equal contribution).  In Defense of Food also makes me want to savor and enjoy the deliciousness that is food even more than I already do (which I thought was a lot).  It is more than just about health.  Food is amazing (uh, duh!) in so many ways and yet I don't think people (myself included sometimes) always give it the credit and respect and time and effort that it deserves.  It is an experience to be lingered over, not rushed through.  It is an art (but that you cannot live without).  As I was nearing the end of the book I told Matt that I wanted to read it over again when I was done.  He seemed to think this might be unnecessary.  It is such a wonderful, inspiring, and empowering book.  It is just THAT incredible.

We only have six (eek!) jars of tomato sauce left from last year.  It looks like perhaps we will run out again though we made it much farther than last year.  The difference is that I am not going to buy any to fill in the gap.  I can only imagine how sweet and amazing that sauce will be if we go without for a while.  It also seems like a much more natural cycle.  Every year we grow self-sufficient in something else (last year it was apple sauce and canned apples).  Baby steps, baby steps.

We looked through the photos from our garden in years past all the way back to the first year.  Oh, what a pitiful bed of pitiful soil we had when we broke ground.

  The sad bed in 2007 before we started, note the one stray tulip.

                                           A little less sad!

 Standing in our freshly dug bed with a tiny box of seedlings. 

Every year it looks better and produces more.  Practice makes perfect.

                                          2010 Tomatoes


  1. Gorgeous tomatoes...nothing is as exciting as eye balling a basket of freshly picked veggies I say...even if they arnt mine, I still feel the joy for the people/person who picked them ..x

  2. Thank you! I certainly feel joyful as I take my little basket from the kitchen and head to the garden to see what I can fill it with! We are growing this years batch of tomatoes seedlings already. Eager to get back out there with the basket again! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. LOVE that book! I'm feeling the same growing anticipation as you. Hubby seeded a little flat of heirloom tomatoes this morn. Sure hope they come up, 'cause they were delicious last year! love it that you canned tomato sauce...that's on my list of to-dos for garden 2011. I WILL learn to do more than just freezer jam!

  4. Well you have me beat there: This year I hope to learn to do jam! :)

    Good luck with the wee tomatoes! Our little flat has yet to sprout, but any time now!

  5. While I like everything I've heard/read by Pollan I was really, really moved and motivated by In Defense of Food. I see it is listed as one of your favorite books....I need to add it myself!

  6. The tomatoes are up this morning! Oh, the difference a day can make!

  7. Apparently the "garden fever" is contagious across state lines, 'cause I've got it too! I am going to start my peppers & tomatoes inside on Tuesday. :)


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