Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrifty Finds

My dad came to town to visit last weekend.  It is always nice to see him because with four hours between us and both of us working full time we just don't see each other often enough.  I am sure this a common problem.  So we played quite a bit of cards (cribbage and golf), visited,  ate some apples crisp, and did a little shopping.  My favorite second hand store just expanded their operation into a new building so he took me to check it out.  The new store was so much bigger and brighter than the old one.  I found quite a few great deals.

First and foremost, picture frames! 

We are in the process of framing all of our wall art, of which we have a lot.  We used to have basically every wall plastered with posters, photos, photos clipped from National Geographic, etc.  After years of that we took it all down and enjoyed blank walls for a bit.  But, we missed our bright colors so now we only hang things that are framed.  It looks so much nicer and tidier than when they were just tacked up.

I have been gathering frames at yard sales and thrift stores or wherever I can find them for less than $2 each.  These frames ranged in price from $.59 to $1.79 I think.  (Here I must confess that I left my wallet in my other coat and my dad ended up buying them for me.)

I also managed to score several yards of a few different fabrics at an all-you-can-fit-in-a-bag fabric sale. 
For $2.99 I got:
Slinky and smooth floral on a nice steel blue.  I really enjoy this one in both look and feel.
A winning combination of bright hopeful yellow and pink swirly paisley.  I am a big paisley fan. Because of this fabric  I learned that my dad is not a paisley fan.
I hope there is enough of this navy fabric with plants and dragon flies to make a full dress, but it might be tad to short.
The smallest piece, yest still a fair piece, slinky fabric that is really much more brown than this photo lets on.
I also picked up small watering can because Matt mentioned he'd like one for watering the seedlings and I could use one for watering the house plants.  I formerly used the juice pitcher.  I must say after only one use I am a watering can convert.  It was easier and more precise.  Boy were my houseplants thirsty too...apparently I'd been ignoring them.

Now my dad is off visiting other parts of the state and I have sewing to do and a few more pictures to hang!


  1. Which second hand store is that, the MRM? I miss the MRM...We have a Salvation Army, but it's way across town, so I don't go very often, and there aren't very many second hand stores, mostly just antique stores. Which are AWESOME, don't get me wrong, but usually much more expensive.

  2. The paisley and yellow is especially nice!

  3. Yes, Darci, it is the MRM. I think it has the best deals in town!

    I am thinking the yellow/paisley will make the most delightful spring skirt.


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