Backyard Birds

A downy woodpecker on one of my neighbor's trees.
Matt pointed out birds at the feeder Monday morning.  I'd let the feeders go empty over the latter part of the summer when there is lots of wild food about for the birds and I am rarely home to watch them at the feeder anyways.  I'd refilled in two weeks ago (with the community garden sunflower seeds) and hadn't seen any visitors yet. 
Well, the time has arrived apparently.  As Matt pointed out the lone house finch four more flew in to join her.  Then three black-capped chickadees.  Then a couple house sparrows.  It was quite hopping for about 15 minutes.  Then it was all quiet again.  Then yesterday I passed by the dining room window and it was a regular bird party out there!  On all the feeders and in the bird bath!  Hooray.  My friends came back.
Pine Sisken.
It made me want to share a few photos I came across the other day.  I'd always meant to post them, but got busy with other things I guess.
A mallard fight in June.  Two males, beating the heck out of each other which much racket.  I'd never seen that before.
A female house finch harvesting dandelion seeds back in May. 
It was a group activity and a hilarious one.  They would jump up onto the head of the dandelion and use their weight to tip it over, pinning it to the ground as they pulled out the fluff and seeds.   I stood in the light rain and watched for a long while.
Keleigh helping to fill the feeders back in mid-June when I was still doing that. 
The bravest pine sisken I've ever met.  I was ridiculously close when taking this photo (also in June).  Usually when I go out into the backyard all the birds clear out, but not this one.  Brave little bird.  Or maybe just foolish.
Oh, how I love birds!  The fill me up with joy.   I am so glad they like my homegrown birdseed!


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