A Two-Skirt Weekend

I had last Friday off.  After Matt headed off to work I decided I was going to seize the chance to work on sewing projects, something, as I've said, I'd been failing to make time for.  So that was the plan, to take over the whole house (this is why I need a craft space) and sew myself silly.  And sew I did!
I'd made skirts before, but never with pockets.  That was the challenge du jour.  For me pockets, or a lack there of, can be a deal-breaker.  I do own a few skirts without pockets, but I refuse to pay money for a skirt without them.  Maybe if I was a purse carrying woman I wouldn't care as much about pockets, but I am just not that type.  I need pockets.  Real pockets too, not that so small it could hold just a jelly bean type pockets that are found in many women's clothing.
I dug out the Simplicity pattern my mother had given me to make the green twirling skirt, a bundle of vintage fabric, and I got to work.  Truth be told, it was much easier than I expected.  I now regret that I didn't attempt pockets with the green skirt!   In just a matter of hours I had a new skirt...with pockets!  I attribute this to one of two things:  #1 I am finally getting some skill as a seamstress or #2 Pockets aren't as hard as I'd been lead to believe.  Actually, it was probably a combination of both.
It was such a success actually that I turned around and made a second skirt on Sunday while Matt was over at a friend's for football.  This skirt was all white and made from scrap fabric.  Matt and I are toying with adding skirts to our tie-dye business and it would be so much more profitable if I could just bust them out myself.  We'll have to see about that as I may grow weary of skirt making by the winter's end, but the demo version sure went together fast so I am going to give it a whirl.  Dresses and skirts are one of our most frequently requested items. 

Next I want to make myself a dress, but I haven't quite found the pattern I am looking for....


  1. Wow! I love it, and I like pockets too even though I am a vintage (thrift store) purse carrier!!

    I think you did wonderful!

  2. GREAT job! I love large florals! Will you be dying the white one? That would be really cool and I'd love to see a photo of it when/if you do. I'm planning a long sewing weekend here myself. I'm putting on my Christmas Elf hat and making gifts all weekend.

  3. Pretty skirt!

    Pockets like you have are so easy they can be made by first time sewers. If you want, I can tell you now to put pockets into all your skirts, made or bought. I even put pockets into skirts and pants without a side seam. A boutique in town would call me to come about six blocks to talk with a client. I usually sewed for earrings. What is the number of your pattern for that skirt.

    I definitely think you should add dresses and skirts to your business. Make them assembly line style. Cut all in one day and stack the like pieces together. Then, the next day you can start the assembly. Of course, that might be too confusing for a novice.

    A sundress would be nice.

  4. Your skirt looks very nice. When I was young my mother made me skirts like those. They are cool in the summer. And like you, pockets are a necessity! I could never keep up with a purse.

  5. Pockets! Hallelujah for pockets! That skirt is fab - so pretty!

  6. Wow, beautiful and with pockets too, that's the best! I have yet to learn how to sew, but it's my goal over winter. Any advice on books/resources for a beginner?

  7. "Hallelujah for pockets!" I think that is my clothing and sewing mantra. Awesome.

    Yes, Becky, the white skirt will be dyed and I will undoubtedly show it off when it is done.

    Mary, my mother and I made a couple skirts when I was in high school, but I didn't fully appreciate it at the time. Now I wish we lived closer so we could sew together still!

    PP, assembly line is a great idea! Perhaps it would have come to me when I got to it, but maybe not so thanks for the suggestion!

    Jamie, my mother bought me this sewing book (http://www.amazon.com/Better-Homes-Gardens-Sewing-Binder/dp/B000O6B6X0/ref=pd_sim_sbs_b_3) because it was the one she'd used in the 70's. It is my only sewing reference book. I also am quite familiar with the manual for my machine. But mostly I just muddle through it. Not very helpful advice though perhaps.

    Thanks to you all for your compliments on my sewing project. It was sure fun and its always swell when things turn out like you hope.

  8. I love your skirt! Howfun you are rockin the skirt sewing like a pro!

  9. Ah, and I love YOU! You should come over and do something crafty with me one of these days! We could make a skirt if you want! It's really not hard!

  10. Linda, I kept forgetting to check the pattern number, but finally managed to both check the pattern and come back here and tell you what number it was!

    It is a Simplicity skirt, pattern 7141.

    Sorry for the delay.


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