Whoooo's that with my Recipe Card?

When I was over at Matt's parent's house for Thanksgiving I noticed a little hand-painted, wooden pig with a clothes pin attached to the back sitting on the counter.  I was looking the painting over, admiring the delicate brush work, noticing the faint wisps of paint that spelled out the name Violet--Matt's grandmother.  Sharon explained to me that it was a recipe card holder. 

For some reason the idea of a recipe card holder really struck me as awesome.  Later, I thought, "I should make myself one!"  I looked around the house for the perfect object to turn into a holder and soon found it living in the collection of owls on top of the book shelf. 
A clothes pin, a bit of coloring, and a dab of super glue later I had my very own little owl kitchen helper.  Matt had the brilliant suggestion to color the clothes pin with a marker so that it matched the owl. 
I am so pleased.   It makes me happy to see it perched on the windowsill, being all useful and cute.


  1. That is truly brilliant! I love owls, too, and your collection is beautiful. You may have just given me the perfect reason to actually follow a recipe ;)

    Beth, I'm passing along the "Liebster Blog Award" to you :)


    Thank you for sharing your unique and inspired life with us on your blog!

  2. Cute and creative. I love it that you made your own instead of going out to buy one.

  3. Thanks Jamie. I am honored! The biggest thing I can say in favor of using recipes is that when it turns out awesome you can actually recreate it! I have had so many incredible concoctions that I've never managed to recreate satisfactorily!

    Thanks Becky! You are a bird lover right after my own heart, aren't you?

    Thanks Linda! It was much more satisfying and I bet I wouldn't be nearly as pleased every time I pass by if I'd gone any other way!


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