On My Mind.... Bunco Party

Today my mind is a whirl with Bunco.  I am part of a monthly Bunco group composed of, primarily, librarians.  We usually have dinner, drinks, dessert, and plentiful amounts of laughing and hollering in between all the dice rolling, of course.  Oh, it is so much fun and tonight they are coming over to my house to play our November game!  
I've been busy this week making sure the house is all in order, borrowing a few extra things I didn't have enough of (like chairs and bowls) and planning the food I'd like to serve which ended up being chili (you know me and my chili), oatmeal bread, and an apple pie (which Matt made).  Mmmmmmm......

I am really looking forward to it, as I always am on Bunco night. 

The On My Mind concept come from  Rhonda on her Down to Earth blog.  Won't you join in on the fun?!


  1. Just visiting from Down To Earth Blog today. You have a fascinating blog with so much variety. Bunco night sounds like so much fun.
    kim http://thelittleblackcowblog.blogspot.com

  2. We love to play bunco! Hope your game night is tons of fun. Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm glad you got to see the spider plant flowers too.

  3. When I lived in KY, I was invited to join a Bunco club. I was thrilled and they were thrilled I was thrilled. It was so much fun. We each brought our own drink, a snack to share, and $1 for the next month's prizes.

    After a month or so, someone remarked that I was not enjoying our games. I declared that I was having a marvelous time. They did not believe me, said I looked bored.

    I explained that so many dice rolling constantly and sometimes all at once were putting me to sleep. Everyone thought it was hilarious because none of them felt drowsy. I could barely keep my eyes open or make conversation. Rarely did I have the energy or alertness to laugh. I was a slug, but a quietly happy slug.

    By the way, the noise of the MRI machine puts me to sleep.

  4. It was a blast and went off without a hitch. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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