An Unplanned Break

Our internet was down from Friday to yesterday so I had an unplanned break from blogging. It would work (very slowly) in spurts so I was able to check email and make the occasional blog comment, but for the most part I was offline.  It was really interesting to see how worked up the students got after several days of no net connection.  You'd have thought the world was coming to an end for some of them!  When situations like this occurs I always have to chuckle and how dependent we've allowed ourselves, as a culture, to become on computers/the web.  It is interesting.  And silly.   So, while I was away there was...

...the first snow of the season!
...yummy food cooked and eaten.
Roasted garlic focaccia bread.
Burritos with homemade tortillas and guacamole.
Pizza with caramelized onion sauce.  We stole the idea from a frozen pizza we bought at the co-op once.
...Yahtzee played...again and again...and then again after apple crisp.
 ...mending to attend to.
There are the only pants that fit Matt without a belt so when they ripped they didn't languish in my mending pile for months like usual.  It motivated me to fix several other things that hadn't prompted action until then.
...sunny walks home from work in the crisp, fall weather.
 ...tie-dying in preparation for another craft show.
....tomatoes from the garden to dehydrate.
...and even a little time for doodling.


  1. I hope the snow holds off for quite a while for us :( BTW, that roasted garlic focaccia bread looks delicious!! Can you share the recipe?

  2. I will try to get it posted sometime this week! Focaccia is super tasty. And anything with roasted garlic is even tastier if you ask me!

  3. I absolutely love you and think you are amazing! I miss you to pieces! What's funny is before I could post this I had to sign up for something to log on or it's my screen name or something.. Im not sure, but I typed it and went to delete it but then I hit a couple other letters and pressed enter... So my name is IF. I think. I'll have to figure it out. Anyways IF you haven't already figured it out, this is Val... Not IF. Bye bye now :)

  4. Ah, IF...err...Val! I miss you too! Thanks for being such an awesome friend. I love you!


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